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May 2019

#106 Emerald City + Stickers + Clear Coat - Bridgestone Bike Frame & Fork

Bridgestone Bicycle - #106 Emerald City with Bridgestone Stickers and #325 Gloss Clear Top Coat

Our Customer came in looking to restore his college Bicycle that had been sitting in storage for years.

He was tentatively leaning towards Emerald City but the subtle beauty of Military Blue was also in the running.

Emerald City's similarity to British Racing Green ultimately helped the customer make his decision.

He left the fork and frame to be started while he ordered the replacement stickers.

End result is this Gorgeous Bicycle Frame and Fork. Coated in #106 Emerald City Green, Decals Applied then Coated in #325 Gloss Clear Top Coat.

This bike is already winning the race & everyone's heart!