Archive 2019

July 2019

#78 Eggshell White - Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Set - #78 Eggshell White

Summer should be spent outdoors, which is why our Project of the Month is this gorgeous Patio Furniture Set!

These clients utilized our pick up and delivery option and were able to select a color from the samples we provided at pick up. Coated in Outdoor Primer, then with our #78 Eggshell White, this Patio Set is an Eye Catcher.

Eggshell White is such a versatile color that it compliments everything while looking stunning. No wonder it is a fan favorite!

June 2019

#303 Suge White Marine Yacht Seat with Chrome Fishing Rod Holders

Yacht Seat & Chrome Fishing Rod Holders - Epoxy Primer, #303 Suge White & #325 Gloss Clear Top Coat

We are showcasing a Yacht Seat for our June Project of the Month.

This seat received the all weather treatment of Epoxy Primer, #303 Suge White & #325 Gloss Clear Top Coat, while keeping the original Chrome Fishing Rod Holders.

With the triple powder protection, this seat can fair any weather while being the perfect bait.

May 2019

#106 Emerald City + Stickers + Clear Coat - Bridgestone Bike Frame & Fork

Bridgestone Bicycle - #106 Emerald City with Bridgestone Stickers and #325 Gloss Clear Top Coat

Our Customer came in looking to restore his college Bicycle that had been sitting in storage for years.

He was tentatively leaning towards Emerald City but the subtle beauty of Military Blue was also in the running.

Emerald City's similarity to British Racing Green ultimately helped the customer make his decision.

He left the fork and frame to be started while he ordered the replacement stickers.

End result is this Gorgeous Bicycle Frame and Fork. Coated in #106 Emerald City Green, Decals Applied then Coated in #325 Gloss Clear Top Coat.

This bike is already winning the race & everyone's heart!

April 2019

#360 Pumpkin Orange - Dirt Bike Frame After Powder Coating & Mid Reassembly.
#360 Pumpkin Orange - Dirt Bike Frame After Powder Coating & Mid Reassembly.

Dirt Bike Frame Coated in Pumpkin Orange - After Coating & Mid-Reassembly

This Month's Project is a Dirt Bike Frame that originally came to us as a blast only job. When the Customer picked up the blasted frame, they expressed an interest in matching their other KTM orange items.

Well, it's lucky that we stock #360 Pumpkin Orange! After the Customer made some repairs to the frame, they brought it back so we could make it match!

The frame looked gorgeous after coating, but look at that BEAUTY when it's partially reassembled!

It always makes our MONTH when we hear back from Happy Customers. Especially when they send Pictures!!!

March 2019

Custom VW Bus Steam Punk Rims - #01 Dull Black with #389 Matte Bronze Detail

Custom VW Bus Steam Punk Rims - #01 Dull Black with #389 Matte Bronze Detail

The Customer of these Two Toned VW Rims were re-customizing their VW Bus from the ground up.

The rims came to us already two toned in Gloss Black and Silver. After processing them back to bare metal, the customer had decided on their color scheme.

These Gorgeous Rims, with a base coat of Dull Black and Matte Bronze detailing, would be an amazing substitute to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this March.

February 2019

#178 Wild Cherry Red over #145 Rosy Cheeks Red over #47 Tin Man Silver
#178 Wild Cherry Red over #145 Rosy Cheeks Red over #47 Tin Man Silver

Custom Porsche Roll Bar - #178 Wild Cherry Red over #145 Rosy Cheeks Red over #47 Tin Man Silver

Fall in Love with Powder Coating this February with some help from our Project of the Month.

When Sleeper's Speed Shop came in, they were looking for a vibrant, deep, metallic red for their client. After trying a few different multi coat options, they fell in love with this 3 coat color.

And so the process began. We used #47 Tin Man Silver as the base for the powder's bright, but medium to heavy metallic-ness.

Next up, for our 2nd coat, we utilized #145 Rosy Cheeks Red. A deep red with a satin silver like sparkle-sheen.

To Top off this Heart breaker, could it be anything other than our #178 Wild Cherry Red?! A little more vibrant than the normal Candy Apple Red, Wild Cherry Red gives this Porsche Roll Bar that little something extra.

How can one not fall for this Red Hot Roll Bar?!

January 2019

#047 Tin Man Silver - Brake Calipers
#047 Tin Man Silver - Brake Calipers

Brake Calipers - #47 Tin Man Silver

It’s a little chilly this time of year, but Coating Calipers has never been so hot! January’s Project of the Month are Brake Calipers, coated in #47 Tin Man Silver.

The customer sanded down the logo then had us turn these gold calipers into the sparkly new ones you see now!

December 2018

#114 Hemoglobin Red - Ferrari Valve Covers
#114 Hemoglobin Red - Ferrari Valve Covers

Ferrari Valve Covers - #114 Hemoglobin Red

In Holiday Spirit, the Project of the Month for December are Ferrari Valve Covers coated in our #114 Hemoglobin Red.

This red powder is a wrinkle and therefore creates the texture you see once it is fully cured. A few minutes of polishing off those accents & emblems and you get these gorgeous covers.

Seems like a shame to hide these beauties under the hood.